Mission Invoke

The brand Invoke, built entirely of virtues, creates history. At its heart stands “the way of the heart” of Sri Chinmoy. A contemporary spiritual teacher inspired two of his followers – founder of Invoke. They put the overall philosophy of Sri Chinmoy in the realization of the brand – starting from the name and the display to its absorption by the customer.

“Invoke” – “Invokes”!
“Invokes” for harmony, peace and love.

The bird – one of millions of birds painted by Sri Chinmoy is a symbol of aspiration, aspiration for self-transcendence with the longing to bring the good to the fore!

Through his teaching Sri Chinmoy gives daily incentives to the founders of Invoke to give happiness to people, not only by the beauty of their jewelery, Invoke gives joy! Gives joy to their customers, gives joy to their employees, gives joy by self-giving service. Self-giving service to the world!
Help that many had need. The aid which was not desirable, but it came at the right time. Invoke donates monthly for help or events with humanitarian purposes.
To give, when you are not asked! To receive, when you least expect it!
These are only a particles of the “path of heart”, performed by heart and without expecting!
The symbol of “the way of the heart” is present as an element in jewelry Invoke, to remind each of us that we have only one obligation and that obligation is to live happily!
By giving joy and love others!