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    Alexandra Bogdanska with a unique jewelery finger

    The fans of the beautiful model wonder if she is engaged.

    Alexandra Bogdanska showed a photo in her Facebook profile, which glitters with a jewel on her nameless finger. This has caused dozens of comments about whether the beautiful model is engaged and who the mysterious man, who has conquered her heart is.

    Removing all the rumors, the photo is actually from the backstage of a specially shot photo shoot for the current catalog of the jeweler brand Invoke. Alexandra Bogdanska chose to partner with the brand, becoming its  face and to make the jewelery of Invoke part of her blinding vision.

    Invoke has been on the Bulgarian market since 2013. The brand is distinguished by exquisite shapes, precise handmade and modern design. The jewels of the brand are divided into four series, suitable for both casual and special occasions. The Diamond Shine series features exquisite shapes and is a must-have end to a festive vision. Each crystal is ground and encrusted with the identical diamond technology. Rose Gold Satin are jewelleries inspired by nature. The line is suitable for ladies who break the everyday vision with attractive accessories. Fine handmade and inspiring Italian style are leading in the Delicate series. Women who like to experiment can bet on the Multicolor line. To date, the cities where attractive jewelleries can be found are Sofia, Burgas and Plovdiv.