Warranty Conditions

The innovate experience of the INVOKE® brand in jewelery and jewelery trade has proven that we are not just selling jewelery but donating emotions. We put our name and reputation in every sold jewel because we know that when our customers are happy, our mission is fulfilled.

The present GENERAL WARRANTY CONDITIONS of jewelery and jewelery are prepared by GIFT SHOP Ltd. entered in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency under UIC 201672825 under the trade name INVOKE®

1. Definitions. Sides.
A user within the meaning of § 13, point 1 of the Additional Provisions of the Consumer Protection Act may be only an individual. These General Warranties do not govern or apply to the relations between INVOKE® and clients – legal entities.

When selling jewelery and ornaments to a User, INVOKE® acts as a Merchant within the meaning of § 13, paragraph 2 of the Additional Provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, with all the resulting obligations.

2. INVOKE® is responsible for the lack of conformity of the consumer goods under the Consumer’s rights within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase of the jewelery / jewelleries which is not certified with a proper cash receipt.

3. The User’s claim for damages includes:

  • requesting INVOKE® to repair the goods by making it fit with the trade requirements;
  • when repairs under the previous text are not possible, the user requests to INVOKE® to replace the goods.

4. The right of claim can not be exercised without the user’s disposal, at the time of the claim, the cash receipt for the jewelery / jewelery subject of the claim, from which the cash receipt shall bear the name of the trader, the date of purchase and the name of the good.

4.1. The right of claim can not be exercised even if the User does not provide the jewelleries / jewelleries in its entirety.

5. The right of recourse can be exercised at the INVOKE® shop where the jewelery was purchased.

6. After the User has made the claim (verbally or in writing) within the time limit referred to in paragraph 2 above, INVOKE® enters it in a Return Register and gives the User an Incoming Number. INVOKE® reserves the right to evaluate the claim.

7. After entering, INVOKE® has a 30-day period to replace the item with a new one or repair it.

8. If it turns out that none of the alternatives listed in paragraph 3 above is possible, the User is entitled:

  • to get back the amount paid for the jewelery;
  • a discount on the price when choosing another, more expensive jewel.

9. The user can not claim reimbursement or rebate from the price of another, more expensive jewel when INVOKE® accepts to replace the consumer goods with a new one or repair the goods within one month of claiming.

10. The right of claim can not be exercised by the User and INVOKE® is not liable for warranty repair or replacement in the case of jewelleries / jewelleries defect due to:

  • contact with chemicals such as perfume, body lotion, creams, hairspray, detergents, softeners, alcohol based solutions, bleaches, cleaners, and the like. preparations not for working with jewelery / jewelery;
  • mechanical impact – stroke, fall, burglary, each causing injury, fracture, lack or scratching of crystals and / or metal parts.
  • lack / loss of a basic element of the jewelery or a mechanical soldering of elements, which leads to the impossibility of repairing the defect.
  • network breakage in the case of a model made from one.

11. INVOKE® agrees to carry out at its own discretion and if it is possible to replace the jewelery / jewelery with another one within one calendar month of purchase if for any reason it turns out that the product selected by the User is not suitably chosen. In this case, the User owes no explanation. Replacement takes place at any of the merchant’s premises on the territory of the country.