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    Invoke celebrated its fifth birthday

    The jewelery brand Invoke celebrated its fifth birthday with celebrations in Plovdiv and Sofia.

     On March 25, the jewelery brand Invoke gathered hundreds of friends and admirers of the brand on their fifth birthday. The celebrations were held in Plovdiv, where special guests were the popular bloggers Ivana Alexandrova, Valeri Yordanova and Victoria Baeva and in Sofia, where the celebration was lit by the presence of the charming Alexandra Petkanova.

    In the festive atmosphere, hosts from Invoke distributed more than three hundred special guest awards. Fashion bloggers Ivana, Valery and Victoria delighted the visitors in the Plovdiv Mall not only with their presence but also with tips for stylish and sophisticated vision as well as tips for combining different shapes and colors of jewelleries. Mall Plovdiv was not accidentally chosen as one of the hosts of the holiday. It was there that the first object of the jewelery brand was discovered five years ago. Nowadays, fine designs of Invoke can be found in three cities and eight sites. True joy and excitement among the visitors of the capital’s Paradise center has provoked the presence of the blinding Alexandra Petkanova in the Invoke Selection store. There were also hundreds of prizes, including jewels and discount coupons.

    Within five years, Invoke has proven not just as a jewel brand, but also as a safe place for even the most demanding ladies, uncompromising to their looks, to find the exact accent for a perfect finish to their vision. Invoke’s jewels adorn the visions of many popular Bulgarian women – Maria, Aleksandra Petkanova, Mona Gocheva and many others who trust the Invoke jewelleries not only for their personal style but also for their professional image.