Invoke presents officially copyright jewelry of student Elizabeth Dimitrova

    On 7th of November in Paradise Center was the official presents of student Elizabeth Dimitrova copyright jewelleries, where representatives of business, academia, fashion, show business and the media were present. The project was implemented by Invoke together with New Bulgarian University (NBU) and is part of the Bulgarian jewelry brand’s policy to support the development of young talents in Bulgaria.

    After winning of Elizabeth Dimitrova in the competition, established professionals in the fashion business ranked her project first, so get the opportunity to realised her idea in a product. At the heart of the competition lies the belief of Invoke’s team that everyone should overcome themselves and challenge themselves to see their own opportunities and what they are capable of so that one could be successful in what they do for living.

    “The feeling of winning the competition, made by brand like Invoke, is awesome and can’t be described with words. The competitor was really big, and I am happy for that, the jury was inspired by my projects. I am so thankful for the opportunity, that we get, because this is one awesome begging for us, as well a valuable experience, of which we can learn and get positives. With this winning I get the opportunity for professional progress. Thanks to Invoke I understand that, when someone love what he do and work hard the dream come true”, Elizabeth Dimitrova tells to guests of event.

    The set of “Elizabeth” includes stylish necklace and bracelet, inspired of lilium and the beauty of nature. The idea of jewelleries is to recreated the beauty and tenderness that surrounds us, while at the same time allowing ladies to rediscover themselves in them, making them suitable for every look and temperament.Pretty soon the copyright of Elizabeth Dimitrova will be disseminated like a limited edition in every Invoke’s store.

    The founders of the brand are planning to make tradition from this initiative, and allows more young people to express and challenge themselves. Invoke’s jewelleries features elegant and modern design, stylish crystals and precision handmade craftsmanship. The brand has been present on the Bulgarian market since 2013, with 11 stores in the country by now.

    Invoke’s jewelleries are inspired of nature beauty and modeling of  the most luxurious brand in this industry. Highly skilled technologists realize the design sketches, takes attention of every detail. The material of jewellery is highest  quality and are suitable for both the most exquisite taste and the most sensitive skin.