Invoke presents the first own jewelleries of Elizabeth Dimitrova

    The Bulgarian brand Invoke held a competition for copyright jewelry design with New Bukgarian University as a part of their policy for developing young talents in Bulgaria. At the heart of the competition lies the belief of Invoke’s team that everyone should overcome themselves and challenge themselves to see their own opportunities and what they are capable of so that one could be successful in what they do for living. After an official voting, the first place held Elisabeth Dimitrova’s project and her designs will be presented on a stylish event that is going to take place in Paradise Center in Sofia. The founders of the brand believe that the young authors should be motivated, imaginative and be supported in their development.

    The challenge for the jewelry was directed to the students from NBU, program “Fashion” and specialist from the fashion industry ranked three winners. Elisabeth Dimitrova won the first place and her jewelry will be available to buy in every Invoke store across the country.

    “Making a specific jewelry is something very special. I believe that you should put emotion in every single jewelry and every detail should be perfect. When you put much effort and invest time in something, things happen to work out. I found my inspiration in the nature. The magnificent places that you can find in nature, the beautiful landscapes it creates and mostly the flowers. The lilium is my mother’s favorite flower and that really much inspired me. I created a project that can give us the same tenderness and beauty that nature gives us. The lilium, like every other flower, has its symbolic meaning- its a symbol of pureness, elegance and innocence” Elisabeth tells us.

    Elisabeth made her dream come true, turning her project into an actual product. She chose that the project would be named after her because she thinks that it embodies herself and her own grace. On the 7th if november “Elisabeth” jewelry will be officially presented at a event in Invoke Selection in Paradise Center in front of representatives of the business world, fashion industry, stylists and popular personalities.