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Special offers from Invoke for corporate clients

Soon our offices will be full of gifts for the company, for the directors, for the team. Of course, our company partners should also receive Christmas presents from us, but what should they be so that they do not get lost among all the notebooks, calendars, pens?

Some of us work from home, most of the meetings are no longer personal, but through various applications, but the corporate gift remains something that can not find a replacement. It is a standard that you must maintain. However, the practical side of the gift euphoria tells us that we should choose gifts that reach the heart the fastest. What could be better than a beautiful piece of jewelry that will remain a real memory with a message?

If you have decided to buy a larger amount of jewelry for a corporate gift, we can offer you great offers with discounts of up to 50%, depending on the value and volume of the order.

We have a wide variety of jewelry in limited collections, which allows you to make a stylish gift that will impress even the most demanding lady.

From 2013 until today, we have delighted thousands of ladies with delicate and exquisite, to shiny and luxurious jewelry. We have built a sense of detail and believe that we can offer the best feeling for both the giver and the recipient. Trusting our team you will receive an individual attitude in the selection of your Business Gifts or Corporate Gifts.

We have developed various packaging options with corporate branding and messages. Contact us at +359877087828 or write to for additional information!