Part of the Invoke team

Vesselina Geleva

Regional Manager – Western Region

Vesselina Geleva is a regional manager – Western region and is part of the INVOKE family since 2017. She remembers the day she opened the job advertisement. The first thing that impresses her is the bird – it radiates kindness, tenderness and a lot of harmony.

The beginning is a challenge for her, but she is attracted by the fact that in this place you feel the beauty with all your senses. Her entire professional experience is related to trade in its various forms, but guided by her personal principle that sales should not be at any cost, Invoke has the opportunity to meet itself!

The team not only sells jewelry, but also presents happiness, unforgettable emotions and takes the fans of the brand, albeit for a while, to a different, fairy-tale world, beyond any stereotypes and grayness of everyday life. There is nothing more valuable than seeing every day the sparkle in the eyes of all customers who trust the team and the brand and are happy with their choice.

To this day, Vesselina continues to believe that INVOKE is magic, inspiration, professionalism, rediscovery, calling and self-surpassing! It is an honor for her to be part of a company with principles and to have the opportunity to pass on her experience and knowledge to colleagues for whom “the story begins now”.

Borislava Gerasimova

Regional Manager – Eastern Region

Borislava Gerasimova is an extremely combative, dedicated and disciplined person. She loves to play sports, for many years she was a competitor in athletics and sports are an integral part of her daily life.

She likes the fact that she has freedom in her work. Namely, the freedom to act, to achieve something, to be autonomous and flexible. The pleasant environment, the established relations and tone between the colleagues, the common goal and strategy, the desire to achieve something common and good give her an incentive to work with desire and ease.

In company politics, she likes the fact that she constantly her opportunities to learn something new, to improve himself and to achieve something different. Continuous learning and acquisition of new knowledge and skills, as well as the care for development and expression through mentoring and training has helped her over the years to upgrade herself and reach this position.

Hristina Hristova

Regional Manager – Plovdiv

Hristina Hristova is Invoke’s regional manager for Plovdiv.

Her work is entirely related to organizational activities and team motivation.

Invoke teaches her to believe in the good and not to give up, to look for beauty in ordinary things.

Tsvetelina Baicheva

Responsible specialist Control Functions in Delta Planet Mall, Varna

Tsvetelina Baicheva has danced folk dances for many years in the professional ensemble “Varna”. He likes Bulgarian traditions, so in his spare time he strives to visit various beautiful places in Bulgaria. So she combines his travels with another favorite hobby – fishing.

She loves her job at Invoke because she has the opportunity to create. Through the combination of jewelry she manages to express herself. Since working for the company, she has learned that motivation is more important than simple talent.

She finds her happiness in making other people happy.

Mariya Ruseva

Specialist control functions in Galeria Mall, Burgas

Maria Ruseva is part of invoke’s team from 2018. He began working as a “sales consultant” and a year later she gets the opportunity to grow to the structure of the company.
The Jewellery becomes a passion for her. It captivates her that each jewel in itself is unique in its beauty, which allows each person to express himself through jewelry in an extraordinary way.

For her starting every working day is filled with a lot of excitement because she knows that will be many different positive emotions from seeing the customers are happy and smiling.

Varenya Gagova

Office assistant

Varenya is an office assistant at Invoke. Her work is related to the implementation and technical assistance of the software warehouse program, acceptance and processing of deliveries, servicing of online orders and updating the content of the online store, as well as periodic audits.

For more than twenty years she has been involved in meditation and spiritual practices that have become an integral part of her lifestyle. As a result, she always has a fresh approach and outlook on life and a relaxed, loving attitude towards clients and colleagues with whom she has the pleasure to work. She is also actively involved in long-distance running. She has run several marathons and an ultramarathon, she likes to run to her place of work.

She is part of an international music ensemble – Sahadeva Orchestra. She discovers that regular meditative practice helps her develop and reveal her hidden talents – be it sports or music. She is also full of admiration for Japanese culture, and Japanese street fashion is her weakness – she loves the way young people express their creativity and experiment with colors.